SEVeN has evolved as we’ve shared the concept and vision with a number of audiences. Here you can access our public presentations. We’ve also embedded below some key figures we use to convey the concept of SEVeN graphically.

Sustainability Experimentation Venture Network (SEVeN): Mobilising local knowledge for global change, presentation to Transitions in the Global South webinar series of the Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN)

Fast-Tracking Sustainability Transitions: Tapping the Human Tendency to Experiment, presentation at Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) Seminar on “Sustainability Experimentation: Interplay between Grassroots and Institutions”

Sustainability Experimentation Venture Network, presentation to UC Berkeley Landscape Architecture + Environmental Planning seminar on “The Global South, Common Sustainability Challenges (Causes & Solutions)”

SEVeN middle out figureSEVeN sociotechnical transition figures